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Our doors are always open

Quality in every detail


Alpha Doors International opens up a world of opportunity when it comes to industrial sectional doors. An Alpha door stands out from all other doors – their design, working, the detailing and their versatility. Alpha Doors are distinctive, dependable and durable, a fine example of the innovative strength you’ve come to expect from Alpha Doors, where our doors have been open to you since 1995!
At Alpha we don’t think in terms of doors, but in terms of solutions. It is your specific requirements and wishes that are at the forefront of the design and manufactur- ing process, resulting in doors characterized by their quality and individuality, right down to the smallest detail. These are the doors the market demands and that can be found in any sector and building. In fact, wherever you go you’re likely to see an Alpha door.




New, HELIX/S600! The superfast and space-saving Spiral-door.