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Thanks in part to cooperation with various partners, Alpha Deuren not only has industrial sectional doors in its portfolio but also rapid roll doors, dock shelters, levellers and folding doors. To make it easy for you, you can order all these products through our configurator or regular contacts and most products are delivered where you want them through the same logistics organisation. 1 ordering method, 1 delivery method is our goal. If that’s not efficient!

High-speed roll-up doors

Alpha’s industrial high-speed roll-up doors are fast, extremely energy-saving and can be custom developed for virtually any situation.

Working efficiently means working economically. Alpha’s high-speed roll-up doors help you to maintain continuity in your operational and logistic activities and to improve things where necessary and possible. You can also order these doors through the configurator.

Our partners

Together with our partners, we can provide you with an even more complete package of industrial products. Below you can see the different product groups with links to the websites of our partners.


Roll-up doors


Dock shelters and levellers


Folding doors