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The Alpha Prime is a cost-effective solution for small openings up to 12.25 m2 and normal use. Ideal for openings used by pedestrians and materials handling equipment. This door is suitable for a wide range of applications, due in part to its very competitive price.

  • Super silent because the door leaf is made of one piece
  • Ideal solution for low wind loads
  • Large area of application
  • Full colour printing for a special look (except ISO version)

Features of the Prime

  • Door curtain of 0.7 mm reinforced plastic fabric (1.2 mm option)
  • Draught-free side seals integrated in the columns
  • With hard (Hard-Edge) or soft (Soft-Edge) bottom beam
  • Safety first with standard light curtain

Variant:   Prime XF with an even higher opening speed approx. 2.3 m/s!

Variant:   NEW! Prime XF ISO with insulated door leaf!


Available in the following colors:

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