Strong Outdoor

Solid - efficient - reliable for outdoor use

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The Strong Outdoor is the standard highspeed door for intensively used outdoor openings. Proven technology guarantees years of trouble-free operation. All aspects of the door are robustly designed and well-engineered for every day energy saving, draught exclusion and climate control.

  • High wind resistance
  • Super strong due to steel skeleton
  • Extremely suitable for intensive use
  • Light and very strong!

Features of the Strong Outdoor

  • Up to 4,000 mm width: wind load class 4 (EN 12424), wind resistant to 12 Bft or 133 km/h
  • Over 4,000 mm width: wind load class 3 (EN 12424), wind resistant to 11 Bft or 117 km/h
  • Door curtain of 1.2 mm reinforced plastic fabric
  • Standard with aluminium reinforcing profiles with integrated EndLocks
  • Safety first with standard light curtain

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